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Construction workers' accidents: Man awarded $200,000 after fall

A man was recently awarded $200,000 after it was determined that the scaffolding that he fell from had been constructed improperly. The jury deliberated only two hours before deciding that one of the defendants was 20 percent responsible for the accident and another defendant was 80 percent responsible for the injuries that the plaintiff suffered. Many similar construction workers' accidents take place in New York every year.

At the time of the accident, the plaintiff was 30 feet in the air, working on a piece of equipment. He tumbled through the scaffolding, which had been built by Brand Energy Solutions. A helicopter flew him to a local hospital, where he was treated for 24 hours and released. On a later date, he underwent surgery to repair his shoulder.

Mother awarded $33.8M after negligence causes baby's brain injury

Imagine this -- a woman is in the final stages of labor. She and her unborn baby are at the mercy of the hospital staff, and the crucial moment is fast approaching. It is almost time for the baby to make his or her entrance into the world... and the doctor leaves the delivery room. That's exactly what happened to one woman in another state, and her baby suffered a brain injury as a result. Although this case was not in New York, similar medical mistakes occur in this state as well. 

The woman's pregnancy was not considered  high-risk. In fact, everything went smoothly both for her and her baby until the very last moments, when her doctor began to make a series of mistakes. First, she was given a drug to increase the strength of her contractions. This caused her to need a cesarean section, yet the procedure was never performed. Then the doctor began to leave the room.

OSHA makes new rules to prevent slip-and-fall accidents

According to some reports, many employers may have missed the new slip-and-fall rules that were recently put in place by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, or OSHA. The Walking-Working Surfaces safety standards were updated in order to help prevent the hundreds of deaths and over 5,000 injuries that happen each year. Many of these incidents take place in New York.

Regular inspections are required by the new guidelines. Employers should make sure that every surface on the job site, where workers and others will be walking and working, is safe. This includes areas such as the floors, stairways, ladders and others. During these inspections, employers should make sure to identify any slip-and-fall or trip hazards.

Manslaughter charges in construction workers' accidents

A construction company owner has been indicted on charges of manslaughter in the death of one worker. A wall collapse at the site of an excavation not only killed one worker but injured two others who were on the job. According to the District Attorney of Brooklyn, New York, construction workers' accidents such as this are entirely too common as of late.

D.A. Eric Gonzalez goes on to explain that these accidents are occurring because the builders and construction company owners are trying to maximize their profits. They often hire untrained workers and ignore safety protocols in order to cut corners on expenses. In this case, the owner went forward with an excavation despite the fact that it had been prohibited by the New York City Department of Buildings.

Driving safe on Memorial Day weekend

It may feel like the middle of the summer already given our recent trend of warm weather. But it is only the last full week of May, meaning that Memorial Day weekend coming.  Known to most people as the  gateway to summer, millions are expected to on the road on Friday to begin the holiday weekend, as well as on Monday as people return home. The heavy volume of traffic increases the chances for an accident.

Most people drive safely, but there are still drivers who don’t make good decisions. In spite of this, drivers can a few things to avoid being in an accident. 

The changing culture of CT scans

It can be a terrifying experience for a parent when a child suffers a serious head injury. With the growing focus on concussions and their long lasting effects, it is understandable for parents to want to have an injured child seen right away by a physician. Even more, defensive medical practices may call for an immediate CT scan to eliminate the possibility that a child has bleeding on the brain.

However, the long term risk of having continuous exposure to radiation has doctors changing the way they initially treat head injuries. By themselves, CT scans carry a benign amount of radiation, similar to spending a day in the sunshine. But the cumulative effect of x-rays and CT scans over a decade or so could lead to cancer. Further complicating things, is the notion that no one really knows how much exposure leads directly to cancer. 

Can hackers take over large trucks?

As technology has progressed, the auto industry has been at the forefront. Anyone who has watched car commercials recently has seen numerous technological advances touted in their advertisements.

One of the common features that auto makers point to is the ability for their cars to handle Wi-Fi connectivity. While this might be an impressive development that the driver and passengers can enjoy, it also places the car at risk.

What Is The Real Impact Of Uber On Drunk Driving?

Drunk drivers injure and kill so many people every year. We are constantly looking for answers as to how to make drunk driving a thing of the past.

One new wrinkle in the equation of how to bring down the number of accidents drunk drivers cause is ridesharing services like Uber. Since Uber was introduced in the New York City area there have been a number of studies that show that there are fewer drunk driving accidents.


The brain is a mystical, magical organ, one that not only controls all of our function, but stores our memories, is the epicenter of who we are and represents the legacy of our family, handed down through the generations.


We are very pleased to announce that the $5,088,000 verdict William Ricigliano, P.C. obtained more than 2 years ago against the County of Suffolk has finally made its way through the post trial and appeals process. The end result is complete justice for our client.


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