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Car accidents: Driver leaves passenger to die in fiery crash

A woman was killed in the state when a vehicle in which she was riding crashed and caught fire. It could be considered one of the most horrifying car accidents in New York because some believe that the man who was driving the car left her there to die. Witnesses claim that instead of trying to help the woman out of the car or even taking the time to call for emergency responders, the man chose to hail a cab and leave the scene. The man's true motives and medical condition are still under investigation.

According to police, the twenty-three-year-old driver of the car fled the scene of the accident in a taxi cab. He asked the cab driver to take him to a nearby hospital. While he was being treated for burns which he had sustained in the wreck, the woman's charred remains were being removed from his car by firefighters.

Helping a loved one adapt to sudden disability after an accident

A major accident can change everything. Whether the accident occurred at work or in a vehicle, your loved one was not prepared for this sudden disability. You may see your loved one experience a range of emotions while adjusting including shock, anger and grief. You may not know how to help. Consider the following tips for helping the person you love adapt to a new disability.

Understand new limitations

Alert drivers best equipped to avoid car accidents in the city

Members of the public who choose to drive in New York City take on a special kind of risk that is no secret to anyone. Drivers must be alert and constantly ready to maneuver in city traffic. Many car accidents occur to those not acclimated to the fast pace of driving generally encountered on the city's streets.

City employees and law enforcement officers are not exempt from the dangers of driving in New York City. In a recent incident, a New York City Police Department officer was hit and injured seriously while driving a department scooter to the Columbus Day Parade in the Bronx. The officer was on-duty and scheduled to work the parade.

Seemingly daily car accidents pose danger for New York victims

Life in a large metropolitan area can provide endless opportunities for cultural enrichment and economic improvement. However, as in any major city, New York residents face the dangers that countless car accidents pose on an almost daily basis. One recent wreck has caused serious injuries for several victims.

Video surveillance cameras captured the image of a car proceeding erratically down a busy street at a high rate of speed. The vehicle then left the travel lanes and collided with a building that houses a children's business that holds events such as birthday parties. The sedan completely breached the structure's outer walls and came to rest inside of the building.

Catastrophic injuries, death from New York bus accident

Three people are dead, and others have been injured in a bus accident that took place in the state. According to reports, a New York City bus was struck by a charter bus after the latter slammed through a busy intersection. The driver of the charter bus had allegedly been fired from the Metropolitan Transportation Authority. He, along with two other people, suffered catastrophic injuries and was killed in the crash, and sixteen others were injured.

The driver who is reported to have caused the accident was fired two years prior after crashing his personal vehicle into two other cars and then fleeing the scene of the accident. His jail sentence was suspended, and he was given 18 months probation for his crimes. At that time, he was convicted of driving under the influence and fleeing to evade arrest.

Many slip-and-fall accidents lead to civil law suits

Property owners, managers and tenants must ensure their premises are free of hazards that could injure visitors. Many slip-and-fall accidents occur in stores in New York every year. Victims are not always sure whether they have grounds to sue because so many myths exist about premises liability lawsuits.

One myth is that there is no case, which is mostly not true because if a person slipped and fell due to the property owner's negligence, then he or she has the right to seek recovery of damages. Even in cases in which there was a sign posted to warn about a dangerous area, there might be a viable case. Proving negligence might be more challenging, but the fact that a sign is posted at a hazard does not remove the property owner's responsibilities.

Broadcaster cites brain injury concerns during resignation

Football is an integral part of the fall season across the United States. In New York, weekends and social events are often planned around kickoffs. But just how safe are the players on the field? The term brain injury has long been left out of football discussions, but as concerns grow, some people involved in the sport are taking a stand.

The National Football League is no stranger to criticism when it comes to the health of its players. College football has faced similar criticism, with opponents of these organizations pointing to the possibility of severe brain damage as one of the biggest worries. However, it is not just anti-sport groups speaking out about a game they know little to nothing about. Ed Cunningham, an ESPN broadcaster, recently quit his job over brain damage concerns.

New York residents never immune from danger of car accidents

New York residents are known for being accustomed to what many would consider unusual events. However, even unflappable New Yorkers are not immune to being affected by tragedies such as car accidents. Recently, an early morning gathering turned chaotic after another terrifying collision.

According to police, several residents in an area of Brooklyn had gathered to celebrate a Jouvert Party, which is a daybreak or morning celebration, during the recent Labor Day holiday. As the revelers enjoyed their pre-dawn celebration, video cameras located in the area recorded the approach of a fast-moving vehicle, traveling in the group's direction. The driver of the car then veered onto the sidewalk and headed straight for the party-goers.

When a child dies from catastrophic injuries

The first day of football season was a sad one at one of the state's high schools. Instead of the sounds of cheering crowds and teams battling it out on the field, there were muffled sobs and silent tears. The families of the Farmington, New York, school were mourning the loss of one of its players after he suffered catastrophic injuries during practice.

The 16-year-old had his whole future ahead of him. Now he is dead, and his coaches are being investigated for that death. He was not harmed on the field while playing the game that he loved. He was not hit by another young boy as they fought for the football. He was smashed in the head by a 400-pound log that some people say had no business on a high school football field.

5 incorrect notions about brain injuries

The brain is the most mysterious organ. This may contribute to the wrong conceptions many of us have about injuries to the brain.

We have compiled a handful of these misconceptions for you to check against your own thinking:


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