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Man has brain injury following New Year's Eve crash

New Year's Eve is a traditional night for partygoing and celebration. Many New York residents and others around the country choose to partake of alcoholic beverages at the parties they attend. Despite pleas to not drink and drive, some make the decision to get behind the wheel after imbibing. Unfortunately, a man in another state has suffered a brain injury following a crash involving a drunk driver.

According to officials, an off-duty police officer was driving his pickup truck in the early morning hours of New Year's Day. He reportedly struck a car occupied by two men. The pickup truck driver was transported to a nearby hospital, where his blood was drawn. It was determined that the driver was suspected of driving while drunk. According to medical records obtained by the district attorney's office, his blood alcohol level was over the legal limit.

Half of all traumatic brain injuries are caused by car accidents

Most drivers have experienced a car crash. Usually, these are minor fender-benders that cause minimal damage and no severe injuries. For some drivers, though, accidents can be much more serious.

Some crashes can result in traumatic brain injury. In fact, over half of all traumatic brain injuries are the result of car accidents.

N.Y. car accidents: driver in fatal crash thought he was alone

The holidays are a time when many New York residents visit with friends and families. Parties and celebrations where alcoholic beverages are served are often frequented. Unfortunately, some people who partake of alcohol choose to drive, and car accidents occur. A 17-year-old died in an accident involving a drunk driver.

A 22-year-old man had been at a holiday party when he and the younger man left to drive into the city. Police reports state that the man was speeding on the Manhattan Bridge when he jumped a curb. His car flipped over and caught on fire after it had struck a light pole and fire hydrant. The man was traveling at 65 miles per hour in a 35 mph zone at the time of the crash.

Biking in the winter should not be an extreme sport

Life does not grind to a halt when winter arrives; people have the same travel need no matter what time of year. Besides burning off extra calories we all tend to pack on during the colder months, biking in the winter can be an exhilarating ride. As enjoyable as riding in the winter is, there are plenty of things you need to do as a rider to keep yourself safe.

Get the right gear

Construction workers' accidents: 1 dead following fall on site

A construction site is a workplace with the potential for many injuries in New York or anywhere around the country. Companies are required to have a number of safety procedures in place to minimize the number of construction workers' accidents. Unfortunately, a young man recently fell on his job at a construction site in another state, and his family is questioning whether adequate safety measures were taken.

A 23-year-old was working at his job on a university campus, installing rebar. According to photos and other evidence of the incident, the man apparently removed his safety harness so that he could change floors. Apparently, the man then fell through an elevator shaft's safety barriers.

Slip-and-fall accidents: Dollar Tree faces lawsuit

Landing in hospital after a shopping trip is not likely what any New York resident expects. Property owners are responsible for the safety of visitors to their premises, and any injuries that are caused by negligent property maintenance can result in lawsuits. Business owners who neglect to see that spills that could cause slip-and-fall accidents are cleaned up promptly may be held liable for a victim's damages.

A Dollar Tree store in another state was recently sued by a customer claiming he suffered injuries while doing business at the retail store. According to the lawsuit, the plaintiff allegedly slipped when he stepped in a liquid spill on the store's floor and fell to the ground. He accuses the business owner of negligence in the failure to provide a safe environment for customers and not posting warnings of the dangerous conditions.

Trucking accident could lead to legislative change

A July accident resulted on the death of four people in northern New York when two cars slid under a jackknifed semi on the interstate. The accident prompted a bill for a law that would impact tractor trailer safety requirements.

The term under-ride may be unfamiliar, but it describes a vehicle’s hood sliding underneath a tractor trailer while the windshield and occupant crash into the side of the trailer. Under-ride occurs in about half of the fatal crashes between tractor trailers and cars. In 2015 under-ride resulted in about 750 deaths. What makes under-ride accidents so deadly is that safety mechanisms, such as seatbelts and air bags are not effective because the roof of the vehicle can be shorn off upon impact.

Construction workers' accidents often result in injury or death

In many suburban areas, an increase in population and a growing economy often necessitates an increase in building projects. Unfortunately, this increased activity often comes with a higher risk of serious construction workers' accidents, many of which turn out to be fatal. There have been many of these tragic accidents in New York and they have taken a terrible toll both physically and financially.

Recently, emergency responders were called to the scene of another fatal accident at a school construction site in another state. According to the officials, one man was killed and another suffered an injury to a lower extremity after a fall. Initial reports indicated that scaffolding that was erected at the site collapsed and sent the workers falling an estimated 25 feet to the ground below.

New York man suffering from brain injury after head-on crash

No parent ever wants to receive a phone call about his or her child being in an automobile accident. It would be natural to be concerned about possible injuries and their likely prognoses. There would also be a tendency to think ahead to the time when the injured person would fully be able to get back to normal activities. Unfortunately, not all victims of car accidents completely recover on a given timetable. An upstate New York family is grappling with the effects of their son's brain injury following a head-on collision.

A 23-year-old man was on his way to work at a grocery store when he was struck head-on by another driver. According to reports, the crash occurred when a vehicle operated by an 86-year-old driver crossed a median. Records show that the elderly man had been involved in numerous accidents over the past several years. The young man's family was understandably upset that the older man was still allowed to drive. In an interview, they questioned why the man's family or insurance company had not intervened after his previous accidents.

Car accidents: Long Island accident leaves 1 dead, 3 injured

Many drivers in New York and elsewhere around the country are in their vehicles after midnight. Some may be heading home after a late evening out with friends, while others may be traveling to or from work. There are also employees in their vehicles that are required to drive at those times as part of their jobs. Though there may be fewer vehicles on the roads during those hours, car accidents still happen. Recently, a crash occurred on Long Island that claimed the life of one man and injured three others.

Police officers report that a 31-year-old man was driving his pickup truck near an intersection in Happauage.  A 30-year-old man driving his car near the intersection crashed into the pickup truck. The impact caused both vehicles to strike another car that was approaching from the opposite direction. The driver of the pickup truck was killed in the accident.


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