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Car accidents: Long Island accident leaves 1 dead, 3 injured

Many drivers in New York and elsewhere around the country are in their vehicles after midnight. Some may be heading home after a late evening out with friends, while others may be traveling to or from work. There are also employees in their vehicles that are required to drive at those times as part of their jobs. Though there may be fewer vehicles on the roads during those hours, car accidents still happen. Recently, a crash occurred on Long Island that claimed the life of one man and injured three others.

Police officers report that a 31-year-old man was driving his pickup truck near an intersection in Happauage.  A 30-year-old man driving his car near the intersection crashed into the pickup truck. The impact caused both vehicles to strike another car that was approaching from the opposite direction. The driver of the pickup truck was killed in the accident.

Car accidents: 1 dead, 1 injured in Queens crash

The streets of New York City are famously known for their traffic and gridlocks. Given the volume of travelers in the congested areas, car accidents in the city are inevitable. While many incidents involve only damage to the vehicles, others result in injury to the drivers and/or passengers. Unfortunately, one recent crash in Queens claimed the life of one man and injured one other.

According to reports, an 18-year-old man was traveling east in his sedan late one evening when a northbound driver crashed into him. The violent impact caused the sedan to hit two parked cars. According to eyewitness cellphone video, multiple neighbors rushed to the driver's aid.

Parents file lawsuit after son dies from brain injury in hotel

Rotating restaurants provide unique dining experiences for patrons in New York or in several other states in the country. These establishments often provide spectacular panoramic city views along with delectable cuisine. What should have been a memorable family experience in such a restaurant in another state turned deadly for a family when their son suffered a fatal brain injury. His parents have recently filed a lawsuit against the restaurant and the hotel in which it is located.

Reports state that a 5-year-old boy was eating with his parents at a restaurant within a hotel owned by Marriott International, Inc. The boy's head was crushed between a rotating mechanism and the wall. He was transported to a nearby hospital after security staff released him from the mechanism. The boy later died from injuries suffered during the accident.

Watch out for signs of concussions

On the roads, on the sports field, at a store, at work, at home: There are a wide range of places where you could suffer head trauma. There are a variety of injuries that can come from accidents that caused blows to the head. This includes concussions, a type of traumatic brain injury.

Concussions vary greatly in their symptoms. For one, they can differ considerably in how long it takes symptoms to show. They also vary in the kinds of symptoms they present. In today’s post, we will go over the four main classes of concussion signs noted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Car accidents: 1 dead following incident with pickup truck

When teenagers reach the age of 18, they often feel that they are on top of the world. As they reach official adulthood, many have graduated from high school and have moved on to their next adventure. While some choose to seek employment, others decide to pursue higher education and enjoy college life. This normally happy period in a young adult's life turned tragic recently when a New York college student was involved in a fender bender. Most car accidents of this nature are minor; however, what followed the initial collision proved to be fatal.

An 18-year-old female student from Long Island was driving eastbound in her sport utility vehicle on a turnpike. A pickup truck attempting to turn toward the east struck her vehicle, according to police. After the collision, the drivers of both vehicles pulled off the road. However, when the woman exited her vehicle, the driver of the truck ran into her. According to witnesses, the driver drove away, leaving the woman lying on the road.

Research finds stairs present danger of slip-and-fall accidents

Researchers recently discovered that an estimated 3,000 people suffer injuries from falling down stairs every day. While many of these slip-and-fall accidents do not result in serious injuries, there are also many who suffer significant fractures or other serious injuries. When these accidents occur due to the apparent negligence of another party, then New York victims may have cause to pursue a civil claim.

Researchers from the American Journal of Emergency Medicine undertook a study that covered the years between 1991 and 2012. They used information that was compiled by the National Electronic Injury Surveillance System. They discovered that while anyone can experience a slip or fall on stairs, the majority of victims are frequently young children, older adults and women. In the years between 1991 to 1996 the numbers of falls decreased, but the rates of these accidents then increased in the years after.

Mothers want Pop Warner football to acknowledge brain injury risk

Playing pee-wee football is often a rite of passage for New York families with young children. When parents decide to sign their children up for contact sports, they may not give much thought to what the hidden risks may entail -- including the possibility of a brain injury. Two mothers recently filed a lawsuit against a youth organization that they claim bears responsibility for the deaths of their sons.

The women allege that Pop Warner Football was ultimately responsible for the behaviors that lead to their adult children dying in tragic circumstances. Both men died several years after their time playing football for the youth sports program, but they purportedly exhibited behaviors over time that concerned their parents. The first man died at age 24 after he was involved in a motorcycle crash. The second died at age 25 when he committed suicide.

Construction workers' accidents responsible for injuries

Each morning, men and women across New York wake up, get dressed and leave for work. While these mundane tasks are being performed, thoughts of the evening's dinner or perhaps weekend plans come to mind. Little thought is given to the fact that yet another of the many construction workers' accidents that occur each year could have a drastic impact on these future plans and the lives of those involved.

An unoccupied row house was the scene of one of the latest such accidents. As a group of workers were performing their daily job on the second floor of the three-story building, debris from the roof began to crash down upon them. In the end, six workers were injured.

Car accidents: Driver leaves passenger to die in fiery crash

A woman was killed in the state when a vehicle in which she was riding crashed and caught fire. It could be considered one of the most horrifying car accidents in New York because some believe that the man who was driving the car left her there to die. Witnesses claim that instead of trying to help the woman out of the car or even taking the time to call for emergency responders, the man chose to hail a cab and leave the scene. The man's true motives and medical condition are still under investigation.

According to police, the twenty-three-year-old driver of the car fled the scene of the accident in a taxi cab. He asked the cab driver to take him to a nearby hospital. While he was being treated for burns which he had sustained in the wreck, the woman's charred remains were being removed from his car by firefighters.

Helping a loved one adapt to sudden disability after an accident

A major accident can change everything. Whether the accident occurred at work or in a vehicle, your loved one was not prepared for this sudden disability. You may see your loved one experience a range of emotions while adjusting including shock, anger and grief. You may not know how to help. Consider the following tips for helping the person you love adapt to a new disability.

Understand new limitations


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