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Slip-and-fall accidents: Lawsuit involving magic show underway

There is a code among magicians that states they will maintain secrecy about how their tricks and illusions are performed, whether on a stage in New York, elsewhere in the country or around the world. These entertainers go to great lengths to keep the mechanics of their acts secret to their audiences. However, an internationally-known magician had to recently reveal the specific steps of one of his tricks in a current slip-and-fall lawsuit in another state.

A man visiting  from another country attended a magic show where David Copperfield was performing. The man was randomly selected from the audience to participate in one of the illusions. The trick was to make a person disappear from the stage, then appear later at the back of the theater. The man's lawsuit states he was injured while doing the trick, according to court documents.

Construction workers' accidents: Man killed on job site

Construction sites in New York or elsewhere around the country can be hazardous areas, regardless of the size of the facility being constructed. Heavy materials, operating equipment and the locations themselves all contribute to the potential hazards. Construction workers' accidents can result in serious injury and, unfortunately, in some incidents, death. A man recently lost his life in another state following an accident at his workplace.

A 56-year-old man was at his job at a construction site where a casino was being built. He was operating an excavator when some construction material fell on the vehicle's cab. The man was injured and was transported to a local hospital. He later died at the hospital as a result of those injuries, according to company reports. The medical examiner will determine the cause of death, according to the district attorney.

NYC sees lowest all-time number of pedestrian deaths

Vision Zero – New York Mayor Bill de Blasio’s public safety campaign geared toward improving street safety and decreasing traffic accidents – seems to be working. In 2017, New York City had the fewest traffic fatalities on record.

Safer street designs, improved signage, increased enforcement and the lowering of speed limits have helped make the streets seemingly safer, especially for pedestrians, in this attempt at a cultural shift from drivers to walkers. Last year, pedestrian deaths in the city dropped to an all-time low. The 101 pedestrians killed represented the lowest number since 1910.

Concussions only 1 cause of brain injury

Concussions and their potential long-term effects have been a topic of discussion in recent months in New York and all across the country. While new headlines may report on the brain injury of a professional football player, the issue reaches into small towns in addition to large cities. Studies continue to show that trauma to the brain due to sports-related injuries occur at every level, from the National Football League down to local youth sports programs.

A brain disease called chronic traumatic encephalopathy, or CTE, was first diagnosed in 2002, after a professional football player saw a major decrease in cognitive function after he retired. According to reports, this player never had a concussion during his playing years in the NFL. Research showed that repeated trauma to the head and brain can lead to CTE, even if a concussion is never diagnosed.

When construction workers' accidents are caused by third parties

There seems to be no shortage of building or remodeling projects going on in New York City at any given time. This may be good for you since you work in the construction industry, but it may also increase your chances of suffering injuries while on-the-job. While many of the risks you face are internal, some construction workers' accidents result from the negligent or reckless actions of third parties.

After working with a crew for some time, you may trust them to act responsibly and safely as much as possible. However, there are plenty of times when subcontractors are at the same site along with your crew, and you cannot predict their behavior. If one of them fails to follow safety procedures or gets careless, you could end up being struck by large equipment, vehicles or power tools.

Woman awarded $4.9 million in slip-and-fall lawsuit

Even as spring is ushered in for 2018, there are many areas in New York and in other parts of the country that are still dealing with wintry conditions. Snow and ice seem to linger in several areas, creating potentially hazardous conditions on roads as well as the areas around homes and businesses. An icy sidewalk was the cause of an accident several years ago that has ended with a woman receiving a multi-million dollar award in a slip-and-fall lawsuit.

In Jan. 2010, a software consultant on a business trip in another state was staying at a Courtyard by Marriott hotel. One morning, she hurt her right ankle after she slipped and fell on a icy sidewalk in front of the hotel. The woman had to undergo two surgeries after shattering her right ankle in the incident. As a result of the injury, arthritis affected her ankle, causing her to walk with a limp. She was forced to transfer to a lower-paying job because she could no longer travel due to the pain in her ankle.

Construction workers' accidents: Man injured on job site

Construction sites in New York and elsewhere around the country can be potentially hazardous workplaces. The equipment that is operated, the materials that are used on a job and the conditions of the site itself all play a part in how safe -- or unsafe -- a work environment is. Construction workers' accidents can unfortunately be catastrophic because of these factors. A worker in another state may be unable to regain his ability to walk following a recent accident at a construction site.

Reports state that a 48-year-old man was working on his job at a high-speed rail site when the accident occurred. He was working with fellow employees to hoist a rebar wall when apparently the rigging equipment failed. According to the state Occupational Safety and Health Administration, the man suffered serious injuries. He was transferred to a nearby hospital with multiple broken bones, including his clavicle, ribs, an arm, a foot and vertebrae. Records show that he also suffered ligament and tendon damage.

Car accidents: Crash claims lives of 2 young victims, injures 2

Parents often take their children out for walks in strollers in New York and elsewhere around the nation. Spending time with their families and enjoying the outdoors are pleasant activities for all involved. Certainly, car accidents were not on the minds of those out walking one recent afternoon in Brooklyn. However, a horrific event occurred when a car struck two women and their children.

Police report that a 34-year-old woman was walking with her friend, the mother of a 1-year-old boy. The woman was carrying her 4-year-old daughter and pushing the friend's baby boy in a stroller when a car hit them all. According to witnesses, a 44-year-old woman had slowed somewhat at the intersection where the four people were crossing, but sped up as she approached them, striking them with her vehicle.

FDA approves blood test that can detect brain injuries

Diagnosing a concussion as quickly as possible is crucial in minimizing the damage it can cause. Unfortunately, there are obstacles that stand in the way of a speedy diagnosis, including unfamiliarity with symptoms of a brain injury, fears about CT scans and delayed signs of trauma.

However, these obstacles may not be as big of a problem in the very near future, thanks to a new blood test recently approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

Student suffered brain injury during after-school program

Many New York residents and others around the country have their children in after-school programs. These programs engage students in a variety of activities after school is done until parents are finished with their work days. One father was shocked to discover that his son had suffered a brain injury while participating in one of these programs.

According to reports, a father was waiting for his sixth-grade son to come out of his Bronx middle school. The boy was participating in an after-school program there. After waiting for some time, the father entered to school to find his son. He learned from another student that his son had been injured. When he arrived at the gym, the father discovered his son lying on the floor, unconscious.


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