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Parents file lawsuit after son dies from brain injury in hotel

Rotating restaurants provide unique dining experiences for patrons in New York or in several other states in the country. These establishments often provide spectacular panoramic city views along with delectable cuisine. What should have been a memorable family experience in such a restaurant in another state turned deadly for a family when their son suffered a fatal brain injury. His parents have recently filed a lawsuit against the restaurant and the hotel in which it is located.

Mothers want Pop Warner football to acknowledge brain injury risk

Playing pee-wee football is often a rite of passage for New York families with young children. When parents decide to sign their children up for contact sports, they may not give much thought to what the hidden risks may entail -- including the possibility of a brain injury. Two mothers recently filed a lawsuit against a youth organization that they claim bears responsibility for the deaths of their sons.

Broadcaster cites brain injury concerns during resignation

Football is an integral part of the fall season across the United States. In New York, weekends and social events are often planned around kickoffs. But just how safe are the players on the field? The term brain injury has long been left out of football discussions, but as concerns grow, some people involved in the sport are taking a stand.

Lawsuit approved in young football player's brain injury death

The Supreme Court in a northwestern state recently ruled that the parents of a young football player who was fatally injured on the field have the right to pursue claims for damages in a lawsuit. The student suffered a brain injury during a football game that eventually led to his death. His parents allege that the boy's coach pushed him to play when he was unable to do so.  Although this case did not happen in New York, similar injuries are suffered within the state each year.

Mother awarded $33.8M after negligence causes baby's brain injury

Imagine this -- a woman is in the final stages of labor. She and her unborn baby are at the mercy of the hospital staff, and the crucial moment is fast approaching. It is almost time for the baby to make his or her entrance into the world... and the doctor leaves the delivery room. That's exactly what happened to one woman in another state, and her baby suffered a brain injury as a result. Although this case was not in New York, similar medical mistakes occur in this state as well. 

The changing culture of CT scans

It can be a terrifying experience for a parent when a child suffers a serious head injury. With the growing focus on concussions and their long lasting effects, it is understandable for parents to want to have an injured child seen right away by a physician. Even more, defensive medical practices may call for an immediate CT scan to eliminate the possibility that a child has bleeding on the brain.


The brain is a mystical, magical organ, one that not only controls all of our function, but stores our memories, is the epicenter of who we are and represents the legacy of our family, handed down through the generations.


We are very pleased to announce that the $5,088,000 verdict William Ricigliano, P.C. obtained more than 2 years ago against the County of Suffolk has finally made its way through the post trial and appeals process. The end result is complete justice for our client.


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