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slip & fall accidents Archives

Woman awarded $4.9 million in slip-and-fall lawsuit

Even as spring is ushered in for 2018, there are many areas in New York and in other parts of the country that are still dealing with wintry conditions. Snow and ice seem to linger in several areas, creating potentially hazardous conditions on roads as well as the areas around homes and businesses. An icy sidewalk was the cause of an accident several years ago that has ended with a woman receiving a multi-million dollar award in a slip-and-fall lawsuit.

Slip-and-fall lawsuit filed after incident with peanut shells

Accidents can occur at places of business in New York or anywhere around the country for a variety of reasons. Spills may not have been adequately cleaned up or materials may not have been stored properly, thus causing someone to fall. In other cases, weather conditions may have created hazardous situations. A restaurant in another state is facing a slip-and-fall lawsuit after a patron had an accident involving peanut shells.

Slip-and-fall accidents: Court upheld verdict for victim of fall

Every day, many New York residents and others around the nation enter stores of all sizes to make routine purchases. Whether buying food, toiletries or other household items, these shopping trips are usually completed without incident. Unfortunately, a visit to a store several years ago resulted in a slip-and-fall accident for a woman in another state. Despite a lengthy legal process, a decision was recently made that upheld a verdict made in favor for the victim of the fall.

Slip-and-fall accidents: Dollar Tree faces lawsuit

Landing in hospital after a shopping trip is not likely what any New York resident expects. Property owners are responsible for the safety of visitors to their premises, and any injuries that are caused by negligent property maintenance can result in lawsuits. Business owners who neglect to see that spills that could cause slip-and-fall accidents are cleaned up promptly may be held liable for a victim's damages.

Research finds stairs present danger of slip-and-fall accidents

Researchers recently discovered that an estimated 3,000 people suffer injuries from falling down stairs every day. While many of these slip-and-fall accidents do not result in serious injuries, there are also many who suffer significant fractures or other serious injuries. When these accidents occur due to the apparent negligence of another party, then New York victims may have cause to pursue a civil claim.

Many slip-and-fall accidents lead to civil law suits

Property owners, managers and tenants must ensure their premises are free of hazards that could injure visitors. Many slip-and-fall accidents occur in stores in New York every year. Victims are not always sure whether they have grounds to sue because so many myths exist about premises liability lawsuits.

Woman sues city after sidewalk slip and fall accident

One woman is suing a city after suffering injuries from a fall on city property. The woman was injured in 2015 when she suffered a slip and fall accident while crossing a sidewalk. While this accident did not take place in New York, similar premises liability cases are won in the state each year.

Woman injured in 7-Eleven slip and fall accident

A woman alleges that she suffered injuries in a 7-Eleven store in another state. She filed a complaint against the retail chain after suffering the slip-and-fall accident. The woman's claim is that the retail store failed to provide her with a safe environment in which to shop. In New York, as in other states, a retail store is responsible for making sure that its location is safe for consumers and other business invitees.

OSHA makes new rules to prevent slip-and-fall accidents

According to some reports, many employers may have missed the new slip-and-fall rules that were recently put in place by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, or OSHA. The Walking-Working Surfaces safety standards were updated in order to help prevent the hundreds of deaths and over 5,000 injuries that happen each year. Many of these incidents take place in New York.


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