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Posts tagged "Car Accidents"

Pedestrian vs. car accidents numbers up despite safety technology

According to the Governors Highway Safety Association, pedestrian fatalities nationwide, including in New York were at an almost 30-year high in 2018. This is at a time when automobiles are fitted with backup cameras and motion sensors, and there are even self-driving vehicles. Auto manufacturers add safety features to each new model to protect motorists in car accidents. However, they does little to avoid striking pedestrians.

Car accidents: Policea say reckless driver injures 4 in crash

Too many motorists and their passengers have to deal with crash injuries on New York roads. Almost all car accidents are preventable if only all drivers comply with traffic laws and the rules of the road. Sadly, innocent victims typically have to suffer the consequences of the recklessness of other drivers, and sometimes those consequences could be life-altering.

Car accidents: 6-car crash in New York City kills 1, injures 2

Nationwide, too many lives are lost in preventable crashes during the holidays. Many fatal car accidents that occur in New York City lead to criminal charges. One such an accident happened on a recent Saturday morning, only a block away from the World Trade Center.

New York officials launch annual campaign to limit car accidents

For the third consecutive year, New York City officials launched their "Dusk and Darkness" campaign. It is an extension of the Vision Zero Action Plan that was created in 2014, and it aims to eliminate deaths and injuries on New York roads. Accident statistics of previous years show a definite increase in car accidents during the winter months. However, the Dusk and Darkness campaign proved successful in limiting the traditional end-of-year spike in traffic fatalities.

Car accidents change lives of injured Good Samaritans

Two New York men are recuperating in the Erie County Hospital after they were both struck by a car several weeks ago. They were members of a crew working on the Kingston Expressway when they unexpectedly became involved in the aftermath of two car accidents. One of the crashes put them both in the hospital.

Crash survivors speaks out on distracted driver car accidents

There are many types of distracted driving demonstrated by New York drivers and others around the nation. Whether it is texting, talking on a cellphone, changing a radio station or eating, these activities can take one's focus off the road and lead to car accidents. A survivor of an accident involving a distracted driver recently communicated the dangers of distractions to young drivers in Chautauqua County.

Criminal charges expected following fatal New York car accident

In New York, there are a variety of different transportation options. While most are typically relatively safe, such as using a livery driver, there are negligent people who can put the lives of many at risk by making poor choices. In fact, a man is now accused of drunk driving after he allegedly caused a car accident that resulted in a fatality.

Car accidents: 3 dead following Long Island wrong-way crash

All the boroughs of New York City are known for having heavy traffic during most times of the day. The sheer volume of vehicles on the roads, streets and highways often lead to frequent car accidents. Certainly, accidents are more likely when a motorist does not adhere to proper safe driving guidelines. A father and son recently lost their lives when a wrong-way driver struck their car in a Long Island accident.

Car accidents: 1 dead, 2 injured following Ulster County crash

Many New York residents and others around the nation love sports cars and enjoy driving them at high rates of speed when possible. However, most small-town roads are not designed for high-speed driving. Car accidents are nearly inevitable when a vehicle traveling so fast loses control. A recent crash in Ulster County claimed the life of one driver and injured two others.

New York car accidents: Mom killed, boy injured at bus stop

While most people in New York know of the risk they take when they use roadways -- either in a commercial or private vehicle -- most feel relatively safe while standing on the sidewalk. Unfortunately, a recent crash may have some people questioning whether they too may be involved in car accidents while waiting for the bus. A young boy was seriously injured in the accident while his mother was killed.


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