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Posts tagged "Car Accidents"

Car accidents: 1 dead, 2 injured following Ulster County crash

Many New York residents and others around the nation love sports cars and enjoy driving them at high rates of speed when possible. However, most small-town roads are not designed for high-speed driving. Car accidents are nearly inevitable when a vehicle traveling so fast loses control. A recent crash in Ulster County claimed the life of one driver and injured two others.

New York car accidents: Mom killed, boy injured at bus stop

While most people in New York know of the risk they take when they use roadways -- either in a commercial or private vehicle -- most feel relatively safe while standing on the sidewalk. Unfortunately, a recent crash may have some people questioning whether they too may be involved in car accidents while waiting for the bus. A young boy was seriously injured in the accident while his mother was killed.

Victims of car accidents must be compensated for serious injuries

Fatal accidents in New York City are sometimes tainted by an extra measure of horrific violence not seen elsewhere. That is especially true when a driver ignores the speed limit and traverses city streets at a high rate of speed or otherwise drives recklessly. Innocent victims injured in local car accidents are best served by consulting an experienced personal injury attorney who is deeply familiar with the claims and litigation procedures in the city.

Car accidents involving runaway vehicles increase in frequency

A distinctly different kind of vehicular accident is occurring with more frequency both in New York City and nationwide. It involves a driver losing control of the vehicle to the extent that the vehicle goes over the sidewalk and crashes into pedestrians and even storefronts or homes. The operator in such car accidents often claims ignorance as to how he or she lost control, although one fairly predominant reason given is that the gas pedal became stuck and could not be stopped from uncontrollable acceleration.

Car accidents: Tragedy at Brooklyn car wash kills 1, injures 1

An elderly couple suffered a devastating experience in New York on a recent Tuesday afternoon. The 85-year-old wife lost her life in one of those car accidents that leaves more questions than answers. The woman's 90-year-old husband was left fighting for his life.

Car accidents: Crash claims lives of 2 young victims, injures 2

Parents often take their children out for walks in strollers in New York and elsewhere around the nation. Spending time with their families and enjoying the outdoors are pleasant activities for all involved. Certainly, car accidents were not on the minds of those out walking one recent afternoon in Brooklyn. However, a horrific event occurred when a car struck two women and their children.

Car accidents: 1 dead, 3 injured after crash with drunk driver

Drinking and driving in New York or anywhere around the nation is a bad combination. Car accidents are more likely to occur when drivers are impaired due to alcohol consumption. A recent crash involving a drunk driver left one person dead and two others injured.

N.Y. car accidents: driver in fatal crash thought he was alone

The holidays are a time when many New York residents visit with friends and families. Parties and celebrations where alcoholic beverages are served are often frequented. Unfortunately, some people who partake of alcohol choose to drive, and car accidents occur. A 17-year-old died in an accident involving a drunk driver.

Car accidents: Long Island accident leaves 1 dead, 3 injured

Many drivers in New York and elsewhere around the country are in their vehicles after midnight. Some may be heading home after a late evening out with friends, while others may be traveling to or from work. There are also employees in their vehicles that are required to drive at those times as part of their jobs. Though there may be fewer vehicles on the roads during those hours, car accidents still happen. Recently, a crash occurred on Long Island that claimed the life of one man and injured three others.

Car accidents: 1 dead, 1 injured in Queens crash

The streets of New York City are famously known for their traffic and gridlocks. Given the volume of travelers in the congested areas, car accidents in the city are inevitable. While many incidents involve only damage to the vehicles, others result in injury to the drivers and/or passengers. Unfortunately, one recent crash in Queens claimed the life of one man and injured one other.


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