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Posts tagged "Catastrophic Injuries"

Catastrophic injuries typically have life-altering consequences

Workers in New York face safety risks each day, and employers must ensure that all employees are aware of potential hazards. They must also provide adequate training to teach them how to protect themselves. Federal and state safety standards require business owners to equip machinery and power tools with safeguards that will prevent contact with moving machine parts. However, the number of catastrophic injuries that are reported is an indication that many employers do not prioritize employee safety.

CRPS is one of the least understood catastrophic injuries

Accident victims in New York can suffer any of an endless list of injuries, some of which could be life altering. These are typically called catastrophic injuries, and they include brain injuries, spinal cord injuries and complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS). The latter is an injury type that is not well understood by doctors or victims, nor do they get much sympathy from others because, as the name indicates, it involves pain that can be felt but not seen.

Compliance with regulations could prevent catastrophic injuries

Thousands of workers in New York and across the country suffer occupational injuries every day. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, most of the incidents are preventable. Sadly many workers suffer catastrophic injuries like amputations due to noncompliance by employers with safety regulations. If every employer would install and implement a lockout/tagout program, workers will not lose fingers, toes, hands, feet and limbs in workplace accidents.

Catastrophic injuries: Worker loses part of arm in accident

Manufacturing plants in New York or in other locations around the country are often dangerous places to work. Many employees are at risk daily around heavy machinery or hazardous working conditions. Despite safety equipment and procedures at most companies, catastrophic injuries are still commonplace. Recently, an accident at a plant in another state resulted in the loss of part of a limb for an employee.

Catastrophic injuries, death from New York bus accident

Three people are dead, and others have been injured in a bus accident that took place in the state. According to reports, a New York City bus was struck by a charter bus after the latter slammed through a busy intersection. The driver of the charter bus had allegedly been fired from the Metropolitan Transportation Authority. He, along with two other people, suffered catastrophic injuries and was killed in the crash, and sixteen others were injured.

When a child dies from catastrophic injuries

The first day of football season was a sad one at one of the state's high schools. Instead of the sounds of cheering crowds and teams battling it out on the field, there were muffled sobs and silent tears. The families of the Farmington, New York, school were mourning the loss of one of its players after he suffered catastrophic injuries during practice.

Lawsuit filed over catastrophic injuries from electrocution

A man's parents have filed a lawsuit on his behalf after he suffered terrible burns from a power line. The incident took place at the Gulfport Yacht Club and caused catastrophic injuries to the victim. Although this club is not in New York, similar cases are heard in the state's courtrooms throughout the year.


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