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Posts tagged "Construction Workers' Accidents"

Construction workers' accidents: High winds blamed for fatality

The Department of Buildings issued an order to stop work at a New York construction site in Brooklyn. These steps are usually taken after fatal construction workers' accidents. However, it is sad that lives must be lost before affirmative action is taken against negligent construction company owners. A family who lost a loved one on the Thanksgiving eve, supported by the Brooklyn Borough President, asked for a thorough investigation into the tragic death of their loved one.

Construction workers' accidents: Crane accident leads to charges

When employers in New York are deemed grossly negligent in cases that led to serious injuries to workers, they stand a chance of being criminally charged. One of the many construction workers' accidents in New York led to assault charges against a subcontractor and a site superintendent after two workers suffered life-altering injuries. The incident that gave rise to these charges occurred in June.

Construction workers' accidents: Date for new law postponed

With increased activities in the New York City building industry, concern about worker safety led to a new law that mandates more training. The New York City Department of Buildings has data that indicates a significant rise in injuries and deaths resulting from construction workers' accidents. Although the law that had already been revised once was planned to become effective on Dec. 1, 2018, the deadline has now been moved to June 1, 2019.

Extreme cold can cause construction workers' accidents

As the harsh New York winter weather approaches, employees who work outdoors need special protection to avoid injuries related to extreme cold. Construction workers' accidents can be prevented if employers schedule most of the indoor jobs for the coldest days. Two of the most common weather-related conditions during winter months include hypothermia and frostbite, both of which make workers vulnerable to additional injuries.

Slips, trips and falls -- common construction workers' accidents

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, a significant percentage of fatalities on construction sites in New York and other states follow slips and trips that lead to falls. The same applies to the number of disabling injuries that are caused by these construction workers' accidents. Falls from heights are not the only cause of fatal or debilitating injuries as same level slips and trips -- which are more prevalent in the winter -- can also cause catastrophic injuries.

Can employees prevent construction workers' accidents?

Every member of the workforce in New York faces injury risks regardless of their occupations. Much has been said about the number of construction workers' accidents that occur in this state, and safety authorities are continuously working on setting standards that will prevent injuries and deaths. However, construction workers can play an essential part in their own safety by taking some precautions.

Trench-related construction workers' accidents are preventable

Excavations are present on almost every construction site in New York. By complying with federal and state safety regulations, trench-related construction workers' accidents can be prevented. Unfortunately, many employers would disregard employee safety to save time and money -- which are both requirements for ensuring trench safety. Typical excavation hazards include collapses and cave-ins, drowning in unexpected water accumulation, falls into trenches, strikes of utility lines, and hazardous atmospheres where poisonous gases collect in excavations.

Construction workers' accidents: 2 dead following fall

High-rise buildings are common sites in New York and other metropolitan areas around the country. Construction crews for new facilities must work every day in potentially hazardous environments. While safety gear and equipment is provided on job sites, construction workers' accidents still may unfortunately occur from time to time. A recent incident in another state claimed the lives of two workers on the site where a hotel was being built.

Construction workers' accidents: 1 dead after building demolition

High rise buildings are common sites throughout New York and other metropolitan areas around the country. While new construction in these areas occurs frequently, older buildings may be torn down to make way for other development. Demolishing a building requires careful planning to ensure the safety of the workers involved and others who may be in close proximity to the site. When proper safety precautions have not been taken, construction workers' accidents are likely to occur. Unfortunately, one such demolition in another state resulted in the death of a worker at the job site.

Construction workers' accidents: Man killed by falling steel beam

Buildings all across New York are frequently in need of repairs and renovations. Construction companies are called to provide personnel to handle these renovations. This type of work is often done in hazardous environments, and construction workers' accidents are not uncommon. Recently, a worker at a construction site died after he was struck by a steel beam.


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